Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 and Beyond!

Wow. I haven't been here in a long time. Let me catch you up on me, if you're still out there....?

So my last post was in July 2012. It is now January 2013. In short, the summer was fabulicious. Hot, sweaty, fun - everything a summer, and sex for that matter, should be. I interviewed for a job at a firm in St. Paul in July, they made me an offer, and I started in late August. It is an EA/OM job (Executive Assistant/Office Manager) job for those not in the acronym know. It is close to home (yea!), filled with lovely people (yea!), has tuition reimbursement (double yea!), and is quite simply the most boring job ever. Yes, it is on par with the Pink Cubicles of Death but without the CO2 poisoning. I have been toughing it out because 1) it is better than NO job, 2) a friend of mine from the hedge fund put in a good word for me (they weren't ALL assholes, just two of them were - and they were bee-yaches, if that narrows it down for you), and 3) it is so close to home I can bike or even walk to work. It fills all my work-life-balance requirements but is a total career killer.

Yes, I know I said I wanted Foot Loose And Fancy Free but I am out of FLAFF money so, a reality check arrived in the mail and there were very few zeros before the dot, if you get my drift. I need a real job, a lucrative job, while I still have a mortgage and a kid I have to put through college (at least partly). That being said, I now need a better paying job because while this one has so many perks/soft benefits, it has very little hard cash benefit. I'm working in a break-even environment, people. They also don't really have any WORK for me to do so most days I come in late, spend 90 minutes working out over lunch, check some e-mails, and leave early. Do I feel guilty? Yes. Have I asked for more work? Yes. Do I need to look for something that is going to keep me busy and challenged and offer some career growth and increased cash flow? Yes, yes, yes and who is this person you ask? This is me. See how multi-faceted I am? Who knew.

So am I still JennyUndecided? Or do I need to change my blog to JennyCorporateConformist? Or maybe JennyStillFiguringItOut? Or even JennyBabyNeedsANewPairOfShoes???

Sigh - Jenny, Undecided

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