Friday, May 11, 2012


Oops, I did it again...I guess I'm not even sure what it WAS that Brittney was mistakenly getting herself into, but my transgression was quitting another job. Frankly, once you walk away from the best paying job you may ever have, walking away from the shitty ones is a breeze. I had too, it was quite literally killing me. The boredom I guess I could have dealt with. I could kill some time writing and doing homework, taking long lunches, surfing the web. The usual things Dilberts do make the days bearable. But by two o'clock every day I felt as if the mighty Thor himself were trying to pound his way into my head with his hammer, and my spine was curving inward on itself, like one of those cruncy little brown worms you find in your basement at the end of the winter.

I called the woman at the temp agency and told her. She sounded suspicious, but I don't really give a shit. What do they expect when they put you in a hyperbaric chamber and pump in leftover CO2 from every mouth-breather in the building? Not to mention the cube where I sat was designed for someone who was at least six foot nine. I sat there with my arms over my head, pecking at the keyboard like a fucking pyteradactyl. The accountraments included a chair from The National Museum of Crappy Office Furniture, a monitor that was slightly smaller than a 3x5 index card, and a keyboard made out of a shoebox, some twine, and a few tic-tacs. And I'm sure they spared NO expense on the mousepad, which had been cut in half with a scissors. News to temp services: we are human beings, not lab rats. Save experimentation for the day laborers.

So, back to square one. Or two. Not sure which square I was on. Still waiting to hear from my friends at the Feds. I think I will just give up on working for now and focus on school and spending Obama's money. One of the guys in my INFS class is from Norway. He said the government, his government, not ours, has thus far given him 43,000 USD and he gets a stipend of 3,500 USD per month for his living expenses. Maybe I should defect. He said, and I quote, "Actually I will probably get so much student loan that I will never pay it all back."  I like his style. I guess this is why Norway is not an economic powerhouse; I bet they crank out some really educated drifters, though. The adventure continues...

-Jenny, Undecided

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