Friday, May 4, 2012


The sub-basement where I work now smelled like a urinal all week. The entire floor. It was strongest in the ladies room (maybe in the mens as well, but I didn't venture in there) and it slowly made its way throughout the floor via the HVAC recycling program they have going. We don't actually get any fresh air down there, the stale air from the floor just gets pushed from cube to cube. I'm sure I will also be catching whatever cold it is that my other two cellmates have had. By Wednesday I was pretty sure I was going to break-out of the joint and never look back.

I think the only thing that saved me that day was an even-paced post-work run in the sun with The CPA*. We don't usually talk much when we run but I couldn't shut up that afternoon. After that we grabbed our his-n-hers mowers and tackled the lawn; I didn't want to stop moving or go inside until the sun dropped out of the sky. We capped it all off with a hot, co-ed shower and a nice lasagna dinner with a goblet of vino. By Thursday morning I had pretty much decided I would return to the vault, put in a solid 26-32 hours per week until school is out, and then I would give notice and stay home this summer. There are just too many things I want to do and for whatever reason, I feel like I really need to do them NOW. I want to spend a week in South Dakota with my sister and her husband and their two boys. I want to visit my brother and sister-in-law and their two little boys in Michigan. I want to attend one, or more, of the Writers' Workshops down at the University of Iowa. I want to spend time playing outside with my kid and driving around in Big Betty (have I introduced Big Betty yet? She is my 1992 Four Winds RV. Love. Her.) looking for neat places to stay. I want to devote time to developing a habit of writing every day. See? Too busy for a job.

I told you I'd update you on my fingerprint debacle but, alas, no news from the Fibbies yet. I also haven't heard from my friend about the job I was originally supposed to start back in March (seems like such a long time ago now!) which is what prompted my hasty, at yet still long over due, exit from the hedge fund. Her company has had a recent reorg so now I'm wondering if that position has vanished "like a fart in the wind." (Love me some Shawshank Redemption. LOVE.) I'm sure I will hear from her soon but in the meantime, my imagination runs wild with possibilities. The adventure continues...

-Jenny, Undecided

*The CPA recently read my blog for the first time. He liked it but suggested perhaps I should be mentioning him more.

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