Wednesday, April 11, 2012

plan b

It as come to my attention that I need a Plan B. I will likely need a Plan C as well, the way my plans seem to be going these days. My first Plan B was to work temp at a place DT St. Paul, which I have done in the past, until I could clear up this Fingerprint Issue. Well it seems they don't have anything for me right now. Hmmm. Okay. So then I applied for Unemployment Insurance (UI), yes, in spite of the fact that I quit. People told me to! I really didn't want to though. I have ego issues, okay? Yes, pride goeth before the foreclosure, I know, but I didn't want to give The Turds the satisfaction of declining my request. We'll see what happens. Maybe they will approve just to avoid having to deal with me. I would.

So no temp work DT St. Paul, probably no UI. Fine, so I looked on-line for some other temp gigs and sent my resume in to a few. This morning I get an e-mail from one place. They have an opportunity in Oakdale. Great, that isn't that far from my house. But get this, at the end of the e-mail, in BIG, BOLD LETTERS, it says you must have a clean background - no felonies! no misdemeanors!! THIS MEANS YOU! So now I'm just paranoid. If I apply will they DO a background check, or are they just trying to flush out the scardey cats? And will anything actually come up? I had one done before working at The Hedge Fund and nothing came up there. Is this Fingerprint Issue just a pillar to keep me from re-entering normalcy??All the signposts seem to pointing me AWAY from getting a job. Seriously. Like ANY job. I mean, who knew it would be so hard to find a job with just a GED and a criminal record? Not me.

So, okay, since apparently the UNIVERSE doesn't want me to work, is Plan C just taking my life savings and buying a bunch of lottery tickets? Do I sell my house and all my possessions and live in my RV? Do I start knocking over liquor stores?? Do I (God forbid) move in with my mother? None of these seem like viable options.Well, except the RV, which I would totally do if I didn't have a kid to think about. He would think it was fun until his friends started asking him why his mother was homeless. I know I have to start thinking more creatively about generating streams of income, rather that just finding a "job", but I have been working at "jobs" for the last 25 years so it is slow to come. I should probably recruit a bunch of actors and have a focus group. I bet I could get a gig waiting tables, they don't usually do background checks, do they?

I'm leaving for Cape Coral tomorrow morning with my posse. They are all intelligent, creative, awesome women, maybe between fruity drinks and reading trashy mags we can come up with a Plan D. The adventure continues...

-Jenny, Undecided

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