Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Really? I have spent the last two and a half days quite literally staring at the back wall of the Pink Cubicle of Boredom. Oh, wait, there was that TWO AND HALF HOUR process mapping meeting this morning that punctuated the nothingness of my new temp gig. Were it not for my fabulous imagination and doodling skills, I may have stabbed someone through the heart with my Bic. In addition to having a cube with no network connection, I also do not have a log-in ID yet. So, even if I DID have connectivity, I would still be without ability to connect. Again I say, really? Is it any wonder people wake up on Monday mornings and kill themselves? (We all know Monday has the highest suicide rate of all the days, right?)

At any rate, I knew it would suck, I had just forgetten how much it would suck. I just focused on making little to-do lists for myself, doodling, and reading all the books and magazines I had with me. (By the way, The Postmortal is AWESOME. Read it.) I felt a smidge guilty for sitting around reading and doodling on their dime, but I actually felt more angry at them that they didn't have shit for me to do. How can it take more than 24 hours to set up a log-in ID? Their IT people should be hanged and quartered. I need to stop ranting. Sorry.

At any rate... :) I will stick it out for awhile. I got turned down for unemployment, no shock there. I believe the letter from the Department said something along the lines of, "Any reasonable person would not have quit this job." I can't really argue with that. It is completely unreasonable to expect a bunch of moronic, greedy, evil sheep fuckers to present me with fulfilling and challenging work and reward me accordingly. That is kooky talk. I will forage my own path. I may appeal the unemployment thing just to annoy the hedge-fuckers, but that takes energy and I would like to focus my positive vibes on on what is in front of me, not what is behind me. I can be a vindictive bitch if I want to though so, we'll see.

Back to the Pink Cubicles of Boredom tomorrow. I will be heavily armed with text books, novels, and fresh doodling pens. The adventure continues...

-Jenny, Undecided

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