Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Whew! Back from the Florida girls weekend. What fun! Lots of lounging and laughing was had. A few things came to my attention while I was there, they are as follows, and in no particular order of relevance:

1) I will never, ever make it on the Karoke circuit. I'm really awful.
2) I am a damn good tambourine player. Put that in the potential future jobs bucket.
3) Real estate might be a good career for me. I will put it on my list of things to be undecided about.
4) Some people just don't like to have fun and are always angry. Even in a bar. Even in Florida.

Anyways, here I am, back in the real world of the undecided again. I had an interview yesterday for a temp position in DT Minneapolis and am waiting to hear if I got it. I'm secretly hoping I didn't, as it sounds painfully dull AND is located in the SUB-basement of a building. Really? All summer in the Pink Cubicles of Boredom in a sub-basement? Ugh. I do need the money but not that bad and not quite yet. The upside is I would be DT and could lunch with my girlfriends now and then, but I can do that now, without having to work. I told the staffing agency I needed 10 days off this summer and they got all bent out of shape. They said that was an "excessive" amount of time for such a short assginment. The assignment goes through the end of the YEAR. Really? It is SUMMER. In MINNESOTA. Do they think just because people do work temp gigs they don't ALSO take vacation? Is it just me? It isn't like I was demanding to get paid for it. I don't get it. Anyways, they were all pissy about it so, that is why I'm thinking I may not get it. I have sent out sufficiently negative vibes on it so we will see what happens. (This is what is known as passive-aggressive job hunting.)

In addition, since I've been back, I called Metro State and have re-entered the world of part-time, non-traditional, working adult (in theory) student. I'm getting out of the College of Management though, finally, and moving to the College of Arts and Science to get a BA in Creative Writing. They assured me I don't have to take College Algebra so I may just get through the program. It is no wonder I have been enrolled for EIGHTEEN years and don't have a degree yet - I hate business! Who knew?? So I am really excited about that, and of course the mountains of debt I am sure to incur. Oh well, the mini-me and I can both repay our student loans on the same timeline. I have to wonder, again, how anyone has time to work when there is so much life to live?? The adventure continues...

- Jenny, Undecided

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  1. Love it! Doing what so many of us would like to do :-)